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2015 Index and YWW Year in Review

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It’s a bit late, but here is my 2015 travel year in review post.  It was a huge travel year for me, as I hit 5 continents and did more long-haul flying than I’d ever done before. It was a lot of mileage redemptions, and low on the mileage earning… Read more »

Re-Finding Myself: Trip Report: Washington to Frankfurt to Berlin in United Global First and Lufthansa Business

As my last post discussed, I spent a long Labor Day weekend having some solitary time in Berlin, a city I haven’t spent much time in and one I figured would be a good one to explore and wander for 4 nights.  I was write.  This is part 1 of… Read more »

Anatomy of an Award: Labor Day in Berlin on Short Notice in Premium Cabins

A few weeks ago, I decided I really needed to get away for a long Labor Day.  Preferably to a city where I could explore nightlife if I wanted, but also could lose myself walking or sitting at a cafe.  Oh, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of… Read more »

Three Last Hurrahs = Going to the Seychelles and France!

There is a confluence of three deadlines coming up: (1) US Airways miles will be less useful for Star Alliance reward bookings as of March 30.  (The airline says it will retain relationships with some Star Alliance members after that date, but for how long and in what form is… Read more »

YWW is Moving . . . to the Capital – and Croatia

YWW is Moving . . . to the Capital – and Croatia No, the blog will stay at this web address, but, as alluded to in a previous post, I’ve accepted a job offer in Washington, DC, and will be moving there later this summer. How does this affect you,… Read more »

Giving up my A380 Singapore Suite . . . my new Asia plan

N.B.  This is a longish post that those who don’t find details of award booking interesting may find mindnumbing.  Look at the pictures if you just want a summary. As I’ve previously detailed, through a series of fortunate circumstances, I got the chupacabra of award redemptions — First Class on… Read more »

Free Miles- American and United

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For those who may not follow other blogs, both American and United have offers for free miles: 500 free American miles for giving your thoughts on Facebook up to 1,000 United Miles for linking your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare account to new website Bckstgr.com.  As a warning Bckstgr is loading… Read more »

Eight Trips, Five Months: Back to the Road (or the Air) I go

After a remarkably long travel hiatus, I’m starting a crazy few months of travel for work and pleasure this weekend.  From now through March, I already have eight trips planned -on both coasts and three continents!  I’ll try and be a more active blogger throughout, but here is a quick… Read more »

Weekend in L.A. Part 3: United IRROPS Galore and US Airways Transcon

Overall, my time in L.A. was great.  I was able to catch up with a lot of folks I hadn’t seen in awhile, and the weather was absolutely perfect – a nice break from the very hot and humid weather in New York.  But Sunday came, and it was time… Read more »

Weekend in LA: Part 1, A Strange Return to United Airlines

I lived in Los Angeles for two years after law school, clerking for federal judges, and though I’ve been back a little over two years, my travels had somehow not brought me back.   Before my L.A. friends forgot about me, I figured I should make a trip out.  Unfortunately, summer… Read more »