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Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Saga Reykjavik-You’ve got to be kidding me.

This is the fifth in a series of posts covering my June/July 2018 trip to Iceland. You can read an overview of the trip here. For my last night in Reykjavik, after exploring the South Coast and Golden Circle, I used 44,000 Radisson Rewards points to stay at the Radisson Blu… Read more »

Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Malta Resort, St. Julian’s

This is part 17 in a series about my summer 2017 trip, which took me to Norway, the Netherlands, and Malta.  You can read an overview of the trip here. There are two Radisson Blu hotels on Malta – the Golden Sands and St. Julian’s.  The Golden Sands has a… Read more »

Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Oslo

This is part 6 in a series about my summer 2017 trip, which took me to Norway, the Netherlands, and Malta.  You can read an overview of the trip here. Oslo doesn’t have a ton of hotels from the major international chains, though some of the larger Scandinavian chains are… Read more »

Copenhagen Part 1: The Hotels-  Radisson Blu Royal and Best Western Hotel Hebron Reviews

One reason why I stayed in Copenhagen only two nights was the expense of the city. Food and beverage is pretty pricey, but hotels were also astronomical. Indeed, many hotels were sold out 6 months in advance.  I decided I’d use my free night certificate from the devaluation of the… Read more »

Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s Trocadero, Paris

We had a total of five nights in Paris. We could have done an Airbnb or apartment rental, but instead we split the stay into two different hotels – mindful of my boyfriend’s no-fun rule that he will not change hotels if it means less than two nights at a… Read more »

Trip Report: Tallinn! The Ferry from Helsinki, the Radisson Blu Tallinn, and Exploring the City

When my boyfriend suggested we go to Finland, I knew I also wanted to squeeze in a stop in Estonia as well, as I had heard great things.  My boyfriend hadn’t heard these things, so thought it was just weird.   But there were better flight connections using Skymiles out of… Read more »

Hotel Review: The Radisson Blu Plaza Helsinki

For our three nights in Helsinki, we stayed at the Radisson Blu Plaza Helsinki, a property I highly recommend.  Originally, I considered splitting our stay between the Radisson and the fancy-shmancy Hotel Kamp, a Starwood property, but I’m glad I didn’t. The hotel is a grand older building connected to… Read more »

Trip Report: Turku, Finland, and the Radisson Blu Marina Palace Review

Given the amount of time we had in Finland, we decided we wanted to spend some time in the country outside of Helsinki.  I generally enjoy exploring small to medium-sized cities, so narrowed it down to two options – Tampere and Turku.  Tampere is a little larger, and is a… Read more »

Three Vienna Hotels: Radisson Blu Style, Hilton Vienna, and Courtyard Vienna Messe Reviews

I’ve decided to break up my Vienna post into two – one reviewing the three hotels we stayed at, and one describing the sights and sounds of Vienna.  I’ll review the hotels here. Radisson Blu Style Hotel Vienna For our first two nights, we stayed at the Radisson Blu Style,… Read more »

YWW Does East Asia: Trip Report Part 7: Phuket and the Radisson Blu Plaza Resort Phuket Review

Phuket is much larger than many people think, and is actually an entire island in Southern Thailand, with several different towns on it.  The largest is Phuket Town, in the center/east of the island.  Most of the bigger resorts are on the west side of the island, which has nicer… Read more »