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The Long Journey Home, Part 2: Sydney to Los Angeles (SYD-LAX), Qantas Economy A380

This is part 15 in a series about my November 2016 trip to New Zealand, booked off a $215 mistake fare. I had a momentary panic upon landing at SYD, as the monitors showed the flight to LAX as canceled.  I soon realized, though, that it was the American flight that… Read more »

The Long Journey Home, Part 1:  Qantas Auckland to Sydney (AKL-SYD), Trans-Tasman Economy

This is part 14 in a series about my November 2016 trip to New Zealand, booked off a $215 mistake fare. Unfortunately, my great deal on my ticket to New Zealand required transiting through Sydney on the return, which added a significant amount of time to the journey – about five… Read more »

Surprisingly Not Terrible: American LAX to AKL in Main Cabin Extra

American Airlines Flight 83 Main Cabin Extra, Boeing 787-800 Sch. Dep. LAX 11:10pm     Actual Dep. 12:30am Sch. Arr. AKL 8:20am +2   Actual Arr. 8:55am I was not looking forward to my 13 hours in coach on American on the flight from L.A. to Auckland.  One it’s 13 hours, two it’s… Read more »

2015 Index and YWW Year in Review

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It’s a bit late, but here is my 2015 travel year in review post.  It was a huge travel year for me, as I hit 5 continents and did more long-haul flying than I’d ever done before. It was a lot of mileage redemptions, and low on the mileage earning… Read more »

The Long Journey Home, Part 1: The Difficulty of Using AA miles to Australia and MEL-SYD Qantas Business

Qantas Flt. 454 Melbourne to Sydney B737 Business Class Sched. Dep. 5:30PM Actual Dep. 5:37PM Sched. Arr. 6:55PM Actual Arr. 7:06PM I have never made so many changes to a flight as I did for my return from Australia, taking full advantage of American’s rule that award ticket changes are… Read more »

My Worst Travel Day Part 2: CNS-MEL in Qantas Business and Losing More Things

After my nasty Qantas Club experience, I headed down to the terminal. Boarding on Qantas domestic flights is only 20 minutes prior to departure, which ends up being a bit of a rush. There were friendly flight attendants greeting everyone as they boarded the 737. I took my seat in… Read more »

My Terrible Day Part 1: A Horrid Qantas Customer Service Experience and the Outrageous Qantas Club Cairns

On a two-week adventure, you’re entitled to one bad travel day. For me, when something happens bad traveling alone, it’s very easy for me to get flustered and things to snowball, since there’s no one there to distract you or give you a Cher-style “Snap out of it.” My bad… Read more »

To Australia! Qantas JFK-LAX, LAX-SYD in Business Class, including BA Galleries Lounge JFK and Oneworld Business Lounge LAX

Qantas Flight 18 JFK to LAX, B747 Business Sched. Dep. 6:35PM Actual Dep. 7:39PM Sched. Arr. 9:40PM Actual Arr. 10:55PM Qantas Flight 18 LAX to SYD, B747 Business Sched. Dep. 11:55PM   Actual Dep. 2:29AM Sched. Arr. 8:43AM Actual Arr. 11:09AM Qantas’s one flight a day from JFK is out of… Read more »

Escape to the Land Down Under, Part 1: Intro, Using AA miles to Australia, and Positioning– DCA SkyClub and DCA to New York on Delta

Last weekend, I got back from a fantastic two week trip to Australia, booked mainly on AA miles. Due to some reasons you’ll read, blogging got a bit delayed. But here’s the first in what I imagine will be a series of 6-8 posts, giving a brief overview of the… Read more »