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Home via Madrid: Iberia Business Class Venice to Madrid to New York, the Marco Polo Lounge and the Iberia A350

This is the conclusion of an eleven-part series covering my June/July 2019 trip to Slovenia and Venice. You can read my last post, discussing my two days in Venice, here. Iberia Flt. 3243 Venice to Madrid (VCE-MAD) Airbus A320neo, Business Class Sched. Dep. 11:55am     Sched. Arr. 2:30pm Actual Dep. 12:13pm     … Read more »

Connecting in Madrid: Iberia Dali Lounge and the Puente Aereo – Business Class Madrid to Barcelona

This is part three of a series documenting my Memorial Day weekend trip to Sitges, outside of Barcelona. You can read an overview of the trip here. Iberia Flt. 800  Madrid to Barcelona (MAD-BCN) – Puente Aereo (Air Shuttle) Airbus 321 (A321) , Business Class Sch. Dep. 8:00AM           Sch. Arr…. Read more »

Memorial Day in Spain Part 1: AA DCA-BOS Shuttle, BA Lounge Boston, & Iberia Business Class Boston to Madrid

This is part 2 of a series documenting my Memorial Day weekend trip to Sitges, outside of Barcelona. You can read an overview of the trip here. Sorry for the delayed post, as I had a computer meltdown. American Airlines Flt. 2119 Washington-National to Boston (DCA-BOS) Embraer ERJ-190, Economy Sch…. Read more »

Trip Report: Madrid Part V: Flying with Shirley Maclaine and hundreds of Orthodox Jews on Alitalia FCO-JFK

The wallet situation was not the only unusual experience of my Madrid weekend. No, I had perhaps the strangest flight I’ve ever had on my return. I don’t quite remember why I decided on a 6am departure out of Madrid.  I’m sure it was cheaper than other options, but it… Read more »

Trip Report: Madrid Part IV: On being pickpocketed early on a Sunday morning in Spain

As suggested by this blog, I’m not a novice traveler.  But I am a bit absentminded at times with my personal effects- while traveling or otherwise.  I’ve lost my wallet three times in the past three years in New York (remarkably getting it back once).  Although I’ve lost things while… Read more »

Trip Report: Madrid, Part III, The Radisson Blu Madrid Prado Review

When I booked this trip, I discovered that Madrid isn’t a great hotel city.  The few major chain properties, like the Westin Palace, are very expensive, as were the hotels available through Amex FHR and Visa Signature Hotels.  Since my flight out of Madrid was at 6am on Monday morning,… Read more »

Trip Report: Madrid Part II, A new airline: Air Europa FCO-MAD

Air Europa 1040, Boeing 737, Economy Sched. Dep. 10:30am, Actual Dep. 10:30am Sched. Arr. 1:10pm, Actual Arr. 12:57pm I was actually a little excited to fly Air Europa for the shorthaul from Rome to Madrid.  Not because I’d heard anything good about it, mind you, but just because it’s an… Read more »