My $1283 hotel room for $75: When Credit Card Bonuses are Worth It

One of the main ways to earn miles and points cheaply is through credit card sign-up bonuses. For me, this is a method I’m not 100% comfortable with. I do not generally “churn” – a practice by which people engage in a pattern of signing up for cards and cancelling… Read more »

How and Why I Travel

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I’ve always loved traveling. But I’m not someone who grew up a globetrotter. To the contrary, my travel experience was fairly limited until I reached college. Growing up in a middle class family in New York City and its suburbs, my travel was pretty much limited to road trips throughout… Read more »


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Welcome to You Went Where? A blog devoted to my largely random adventures in the pursuit of enjoying the world in a high-end way on a backpacker’s (or a civil rights lawyer’s) budget.  In this blog, I’ll aim to do three things: (1) Document my travels and travel-related exploits:  This… Read more »