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Of Coronavirus and Moral Depravity

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Just a brief note before I continue posting trip reports. 1. Life right now is crazy for all of us due to Covid-19. I am having my own difficulties handling it, though I am fortunate in that I am financially secure, and so far my friends and family are all… Read more »

Travel Blogger Malpractice and a Contracts Law School Exam Hypo

One travel blogger has recently engaged in conduct that I find morally problematic, but also raises some basic legal issues that are often misunderstood, relating to a glitch that made redeeming miles for Swiss First Class (explicitly not allowed under program rules) possible. Most of the legal issues are covered… Read more »

The Streisand Effect and the Marriott Lyon Cité Internationale

In February 2014, I spent a week in France, with stops in Lyon, Montpelier, and Paris. I haven’t thought much about the trip in a while, but I had stayed at the Hilton in Lyon at Cite Internationale.  It was fine, and I made a review post that was nothing… Read more »

Travel and Travel Blogging Are Political; Oman and Charlottesville

We interrupt this series of trip reports for another kind of post… I recently got into a dispute with a travel blogger who I don’t know why I even follow how unsophisticated and uninformative her writing is.  What spurred it was her tweeting about how Oman is on her “bucket… Read more »

Thoughts on Abu Dhabi, Part 2: Ethical Travel, LGBT Rights in the UAE, and Why One Blogger Should Be Ashamed of Himself

I have spent most of my professional life thinking about issues of injustice and inequality. When I travel, I try not to let these concerns dominate my thinking. I remember a speaker I heard in college, some noted activist whose name I can’t recall, who made the point that people… Read more »

Of US Airways Credit Cards and a Serious Ethical Deficiency in the Points Blogosphere

My day (and sometimes night) job is as an attorney.  Although we get a terrible rap and are accused of being unethical, the reality is that most good lawyers (and many bad ones) actually think about ethics A LOT.  We have to take a separate ethics exam before we get… Read more »

The Most Morally Bankrupt Miles Blog Post Ever? Begging for First Class

Things have been crazy with a new job and a new schedule.  Hope to finish trip reports soon.  But today, another blogger posted something that may be the most morally bankrupt post ever, and it compelled me to take a break and stay up later than I should. Some background… Read more »

Civil Procedure and the DOJ Antitrust Suit

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A lot of bloggers have spoken more at length about DOJ’s decision to file an antitrust lawsuit to stop the US/AA merger.   Most of the blog posts I’ve seen are patently ridiculous, as they either claim that “consumer  advocacy” in form of some ridiculous air travel consumer organizations deserve the… Read more »

Don’t Believe Everything You Read on Blogs: American Airlines is Not the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

If you are a regular reader of a few of the major travel/points blogs, it would be understandable if you thought two things: (1) every two or three days, there is an AMAZING credit card deal you would be a fool not to sign up for, and (2) American Airlines… Read more »

Trip Report: Weekend in Madrid Part 1: Alitalia JFK-FCO, a Missed Connection, and Why Chris Elliott is Wrong

Trip Report: Weekend in Madrid Part 1:  JFK-FCO and a Missed Connection Alitalia Flt. 609, Boeing 777, Economy Sched. Dep. 5:35pm, Actual Dep. 7:05pm Sched. Arr. 8:10am, Actual Arr. 9:10am In the fall, Alitalia had a promo on its Japanese website that effectively took $250 off the price of any… Read more »