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2020 Year in Review and YWW Index

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For the past 9 years, I’ve done a year in review post where I spew some facts and figures about my travel, comment on trends, and give out awards. You can check out prior years here: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.  I was trying to think if it made sense to do one… Read more »

Refunds: Air Canada is the worst

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So back in late-March and early April, I canceled a May trip to Spain, which involved flights on a bunch of different carriers, hotels, and the like. I talked about the process here.  Since then, I’ve canceled June and July trips involving American, Alaska, United, and Delta, and received refunds… Read more »

[UPDATED] Cancellation experiences: Delta revenue, Aeroplan and American award, and Iberia award; and Club1hotels

There has been a lot of constantly shifting policies and debates as to what airlines are required to do with regard to existing bookings in light of COVID-19. There are lots of nuances and honestly it seems airlines are not being consistent at all.  But I thought I’d share my… Read more »

South Africa & Namibia Preview #2: Planning My Stay, Hotels, the Protea Prokard Explorer, and IHG PointBreaks

This is post #2 in a series about my February-March 2017 Trip to South Africa and Namibia. With flights booked into Cape Town and out of Johannesburg, I had to figure out how I would spend my 12ish days in Africa.  From talking to folks, it seemed I really could… Read more »

Escape to the Land Down Under, Part 1: Intro, Using AA miles to Australia, and Positioning– DCA SkyClub and DCA to New York on Delta

Last weekend, I got back from a fantastic two week trip to Australia, booked mainly on AA miles. Due to some reasons you’ll read, blogging got a bit delayed. But here’s the first in what I imagine will be a series of 6-8 posts, giving a brief overview of the… Read more »

Of US Airways Credit Cards and a Serious Ethical Deficiency in the Points Blogosphere

My day (and sometimes night) job is as an attorney.  Although we get a terrible rap and are accused of being unethical, the reality is that most good lawyers (and many bad ones) actually think about ethics A LOT.  We have to take a separate ethics exam before we get… Read more »

Trip Report – Riding the French Rails: Of SNCF and RailEurope

We spent a total of nine days in France, split between Lyon in the Rhone Valley (central France), Montpellier in the South, and Paris. It was a lot of ground to cover in that time, and we purposely picked cities that had relatively short and cheap transportation connections. (We couldn’t… Read more »

Hotel Review: The Panama City Hotel Scene and the Intercontinental Miramar Panama

I had written a really thorough review of my stay at the Intercontinental Miramar. I lost it. So here is a less thorough one reconstructed by memory. There is no shortage of hotel options in Panama City. All of the major international chains have at least one hotel downtown, and… Read more »

Three Last Hurrahs = Going to the Seychelles and France!

There is a confluence of three deadlines coming up: (1) US Airways miles will be less useful for Star Alliance reward bookings as of March 30.  (The airline says it will retain relationships with some Star Alliance members after that date, but for how long and in what form is… Read more »