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Checking in and Anatomy of a Trip/Rio Preview

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Hello! It’s me, Adam. I am woefully behind on trip reports, but, in case you missed it, it turns out Washington is a dumpster fire and my day job entails attempts to put out small pieces of that fire. I also had the Jewish holidays and a work trip out… Read more »

Hamburg Trip Preview

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Yet another interruption in my Norway/Netherlands/Malta trip report series… Just six weeks after I returned, I’ll be heading back across the Atlantic for a bit of a wacky trip that includes mile earning and burning, and hopefully some relaxation if events beyond my control don’t get away. It also feels… Read more »

Rio Mini-Trip Report Part 2, the Sheraton Grande Rio, Sunshine, and AA GIG-MIA-DCA

For my third night in Rio, I switched hotels because my friend was staying at the Sheraton Grande Rio his second night. Prices were a little less than the Caesar Park, so I decided why not. The property is in Leblon, about 10 minutes from Ipanema – a bit west… Read more »

Rio Mini-Trip Report 1: AA Main Cabin Extra DCA-JFK-GIG, a Second Try at the Caesar Park Hotel, & Rain in Rio…Again

I’d already been to Brazil twice since November, with Rio and Iguazu in one trip, and Bahia, Sao Paulo, and Brasilia in another.  But American had a really cheap, sub-$500 fare from DCA to Rio, and a friend was going down for a weekend.  I hadn’t done the Rio nightlife… Read more »

Four Nights in Brazil, Part 3: Man Plans, Brazil Laughs– 40 Hours in Rio and the Caesar Park Hotel by Sofitel

This is Part 3 of a series of trip reports on my November trip to Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls. On my ticket to Iguazu, I could book a stopover in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro for no extra cost. At first I was planning on doing Sao… Read more »

Brazil Mileage Run Preview

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My October and November have been a little more hectic than anticipated due to my decision to buy a condo and move in between two international adventures.  But I *will* get back to blogging about my Korea and Taiwan adventure– especially given the lengthy coach flights and long layovers I… Read more »

I’m Never Doing That Again: Misery on Etihad Coach from Abu Dhabi to Washington-Dulles

Etihad Flight 131, Abu Dhabi to Washington-Dulles A345, Steerage Sched. Dep. 11:30am    Actual Dep.  2:34pm Sched. Arrival 4:02pm   Actual Arrival 8:45pm My flight home from Abu Dhabi could accurately be described as an ordeal.  Now that I’ve done it, I see no reason ever to fly Etihad in coach, or… Read more »

Presidents Day in Abu Dhabi: Introduction and Etihad Coach IAD-AUH

On Christmas day, there were mistake fares on Etihad, allowing for pretty cheap flights from the US to cities in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. A flight on Etihad’s Washington-Dulles to Abu Dhabi nonstop could be had for as low as $270. Nonetheless, I wasn’t planning on jumping on… Read more »

Two Days in Sicily: Catania, Mount Etna, and the Una Hotel Palace

Or really a day in a half. By the time we landed in Catania, it was already almost 7:30, and it took me a while to find a functioning ATM. (Note: following the signs to “Bank” at the Catania airport leads to a nonfunctional ATM, but there’s a functioning one… Read more »

3.5 Hours in Zurich, the Zurich Airport, and Zurich to Catania on Swiss/Edelweiss

Due to the delay of our American flight from New York, we ended up with only about 3.5 hours in Zurich, which isn’t a very long time to do anything but wander and get a decent feel for the city. We started with a walk down the Bahnhofstrasse, the main… Read more »