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Stupid Article of the Week: What do you mean this isn’t Senegal?

Ok, so this isn’t really about a stupid article as much as about stupid people, and several “journalistic” outlets who have not done their job of skepticism. The story, widely reported but originating in the Los Angeles Times,  is as follows: Self-described “experienced travelers” call Turkish Airlines to book a… Read more »

Stupid Article of the Week: Carry-Ons and the Collective Action Problem

After a long hiatus, Stupid Article of the Week is back.  This week’s article comes from the Consumerist,  a site which has a more realistic pro-consumer bent than the oft-illogical Chris Elliott, but still often makes blunders. Earlier this week, Consumerist posted a story entitled “U.S. Airways May Make You… Read more »

Articles of the Week: Stupid and Not-Stupid

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I know you’ve missed it, but today is the return of my “Stupid Article of the Week” feature, and I’m throwing a helpful article as well. We’ll start with the positive.  The New York Times Travel Section has a cute article today by political correspondent Ashley Parker on travel tips… Read more »

Stupid Articles: What Delta’s Economy Comfort Rollout Really Means

Last week, Delta announced that it would be adding its “Economy Comfort” section to most of its domestic planes.  Delta’s “Economy Comfort” plans began this summer, with a rollout on long-haul international flights.  On those flights, customers could pay an additional $80 to $160 to sit in the first few… Read more »

Stupid Articles: A Lazy Traveler Likes to Use a Travel Agent and Claims it “Saves Money”

Another new feature: “Stupid Articles”.  In this feature, I will discuss stupid news/website articles about travel, and point out how stupid they are. First up, this article from the Christian Science Monitor, purportedly in its “Saving Money” section, by Stacy Johnson,  called “Four reasons I quit booking flights online:  Kayak… Read more »