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YWW Does East Asia: The Journey Home Begins: Penang to Bangkok in Thai Airways Business Trip Report

Thai Airways Flt. 426- Penang to Bangkok, Business Class, 1h40m, Boeing 737 A downside of the backwards way I planned the end of my trip was that I had an 8am departure from Penang Airport to Bangkok on Thai Airways.  It wasn’t so bad in that it would allow me… Read more »

YWW Does East Asia: Exploring Penang and the Holiday Inn Resort Penang Review

Penang is an island off the coast of the Western Malay peninsula, connected to the mainland by bridge.  It was very important to the British when they controlled Malaysia and Singapore, and was known as Prince of Wales Island.  The British influence remains in a number of areas — most… Read more »

Giving up my A380 Singapore Suite . . . my new Asia plan

N.B.  This is a longish post that those who don’t find details of award booking interesting may find mindnumbing.  Look at the pictures if you just want a summary. As I’ve previously detailed, through a series of fortunate circumstances, I got the chupacabra of award redemptions — First Class on… Read more »