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The thirst is real: US Airways/AA Munich to Philadelphia in Envoy Class

US Airways Flt. 717 Munich to Philadelphia A330, Envoy (Business) Class Sched. Dep. MUC 12:15PM   Actual Dep. 12:05PM Sched. Arr. PHL 3:20PM Actual Arr. 2:45PM I retraced my trip back to the airport via train, which runs every 20 minutes. Flying out of Terminal 1 at Munich, as opposed to… Read more »

My Debtor-Creditor Summer Vacation: To Greece and Germany

Since 2011, I’ve gone somewhere for 10 days every June or July- Greece in 2011, Italy and Israel in 2012, Austria, Finland and Estonia in 2013, and Israel in 2014. Last winter, a friend of mine and I were discussing and he suggested we go to Mykonos and Germany this… Read more »

Croatia Trip Report: Journey’s End: Lufthansa Old Business Class Munich to Dulles

Lufthansa Flt. 414  Munich to Washington-Dulles A330, Old Business Class Dep. 3:55PM Arr. 8:00PM My flight from Zagreb landed about twenty minutes late, depositing me onto the second-longest bus to the terminal I’ve ever taken (after DeGaulle in Paris), taking another fifteen minutes, presumably driving us to Austria.  That meant… Read more »

Croatia Trip Report: Homeward Bound: Lufthansa from Zagreb to Munich in Coach and the Zagreb Dump, I mean Airport

Lufthansa 1713 Zagreb to Munich Dep. 1:30PM Arr. 2:50PM Embraer 90 From the Westin Zagreb, it was an easy trip back to the bus station, reversing my trip back on the tram.  On my way to the hotel, I hadn’t known that paper tickets had to be validated in the… Read more »

YWW Does East Asia: The End: Lufthansa First from Munich to Newark Trip Report

This is my last post of my adventure through East Asia.  My apologies for the delay, and I hope to return to posting non-trip report posts soon.  There’s been a lot going on in my life travelwise and otherwise, so blogging hasn’t been a huge priority.  But I hope you’ve… Read more »