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Changing Up the Blog: Fewer posts and more enjoying vacation

You may have noticed that in my series of posts about my summer Iceland trip, I skipped over my time exploring the South Coast and the Golden Circle.  Part of the reason is due to a busy summer at work, it took me awhile to get to editing my photos… Read more »

Journey Home: Milan Malpensa and Milan to JFK on American

I have flown through Rome Fiumcino airport many times, and, though it isn’t an amazing airport, it did not prepare me for the nightmare of Milan Malpensa. Getting to the airport was pretty easy, though early, as we took a 7:25 Malpensa Express train from Central Station right to the… Read more »

19 Hours in Milan: Alitalia CTA-LIN, the Hilton Milan, and exploring the city

This post is in two parts- (1) Catania Airport and my flight on Alitalia from Catania to Milan, and (2) my stay at the Hilton Milan and brief exploration of Milan Catania Airport and Alitalia Catania to Milan After two days in Sicily, it was time to make our way… Read more »

Two Days in Sicily: Catania, Mount Etna, and the Una Hotel Palace

Or really a day in a half. By the time we landed in Catania, it was already almost 7:30, and it took me a while to find a functioning ATM. (Note: following the signs to “Bank” at the Catania airport leads to a nonfunctional ATM, but there’s a functioning one… Read more »

3.5 Hours in Zurich, the Zurich Airport, and Zurich to Catania on Swiss/Edelweiss

Due to the delay of our American flight from New York, we ended up with only about 3.5 hours in Zurich, which isn’t a very long time to do anything but wander and get a decent feel for the city. We started with a walk down the Bahnhofstrasse, the main… Read more »

Three Nights, Three Cities: An American Delay from JFK to Zurich

As an extended Veterans’ Day trip, two friends of mine and I took advantage of a mistake fare from New York to Catania, in Sicily, with a fare of $270. The routing was a little bit kooky – flying American from JFK to Zurich, a 9 hour layover in Zurich,… Read more »

Trip Report: Madrid Part V: Flying with Shirley Maclaine and hundreds of Orthodox Jews on Alitalia FCO-JFK

The wallet situation was not the only unusual experience of my Madrid weekend. No, I had perhaps the strangest flight I’ve ever had on my return. I don’t quite remember why I decided on a 6am departure out of Madrid.  I’m sure it was cheaper than other options, but it… Read more »

Trip Report: Weekend in Madrid Part 1: Alitalia JFK-FCO, a Missed Connection, and Why Chris Elliott is Wrong

Trip Report: Weekend in Madrid Part 1:  JFK-FCO and a Missed Connection Alitalia Flt. 609, Boeing 777, Economy Sched. Dep. 5:35pm, Actual Dep. 7:05pm Sched. Arr. 8:10am, Actual Arr. 9:10am In the fall, Alitalia had a promo on its Japanese website that effectively took $250 off the price of any… Read more »

Trip Report: Rome: A Tale of Two Cities (or Hotels): Radisson Blu Es and Intercontinental de la Ville

(Sorry for the pause in posting, as I have been out and about enjoying Israel rather than blogging.  You guys will get caught up; don’t worry.) Hotels in Europe in summer are expensive.  That’s no secret.  And despite my numerous tricks, there was no way to get any of the… Read more »