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Air France’s Dated A380 Economy Washington to Paris and Ibis Paris CDG Airport

This is the first in a much-delayed series covering my Labor Day (August-September 2019) trip to Paris and Luxembourg. Given how long has passed, the posts won’t be super detailed, but I’ll do my best from notes and pictures. Air France Flt. 55, Washington-Dulles to Paris-Charles de Gaulle (IAD-CDG) Airbus… Read more »

Air France 787 Economy Detroit to Paris, Yotelair and Instant Paris Lounge, and Paris to London

This is the first in a series of reviews from my late December 2018 trip to London. Air France Flt. 377, Detroit to Paris-Charles de Gaulle (DTW-CDG) Boeing 787-9, Economy Sch. Dep. 9:05PM            Sch. Arr. 10:45AM +1 Act. Dep. 9:11PM            Act. Arr. 10:28AM +1 Air France Flt. 1780, Paris-Charles de… Read more »

Trip Report: Air France Paris to Cape Town (CDG-CPT) Business Class

This is part 4 of my series exploring my March 2017 trip to South Africa and Namibia, which started here. Air France Flt. 864 Paris- Charles de Gaulle to Cape Town Sched. Dep. 10:10AM    Actual Dep. 10:45AM Sched. Arr.  10:30PM      Actual Arr. 11:18PM Boeing 777-200, Business Class My flight from Dulles… Read more »

Turkish Airlines Washington-Dulles Lounge and Air France Business Class Washington-Dulles to Paris  (IAD-CDG)

This is part 3 of my series exploring my March 2017 trip to South Africa and Namibia, which started here. Air France Flt. 55  Washington-Dulles to Paris B777-300ER, Business Class Sched. Dep. 6:35PM   Actual Dep. 6:29PM Sched. Arr.  8:00AM +1    Actual Arr.  7:38AM +1 It’s been awhile since I’ve flown… Read more »

Israel Trip Report: Starting Out IAD-CDG-TLV in Air France Business Class

This post is the first in a series describing my recent trip to Israel with my boyfriend. Our trip included Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Pride. Air France Flt. 39  Washington-Dulles to Paris – Charles DeGaulle, Business Class, Boeing 777-300 ER Dep. 4:06 PM   Arr. 5:15AM +1 Air France Flt. 1960 … Read more »

Trip Report: Heading home on Brussels Airlines Business Class CDG-BRU-IAD

Now that we’ve been back from our Seychelles and France trip for a full three calendar months, it seems to be the appropriate time for the final blog post on the trip – our flights back on Brussels Airlines from Paris to Brussels to Washington Dulles. We leave for Israel… Read more »

Hotel Review: Feeling Welcome at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome

I am not a huge Hyatt customer, simply because there aren’t a lot of Hyatts where I want to go, and most Hyatt Regencies/Grand Hyatts remind me of conferences. But some of my favorite hotel stays over the past few years have been at Hyatt properties in Argentina, New Mexico,… Read more »

Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s Trocadero, Paris

We had a total of five nights in Paris. We could have done an Airbnb or apartment rental, but instead we split the stay into two different hotels – mindful of my boyfriend’s no-fun rule that he will not change hotels if it means less than two nights at a… Read more »

Trip Report: Of French Public Transportation, and Flying Air France from Montpellier to Paris-Orly

Air France Flt 7551  Montpellier MPL to Paris-Orly ORY A321, Economy Dep. 5:20pm Arr. 6:40pm From Montpellier, we planned to fly back up to Paris, as the train would be quite long, and quite expensive. We were able to get tickets on Air France for about $65 each, which was… Read more »

Exploring Montpellier and the Crowne Plaza Montpellier

Our last stop before returning to Paris was one night in Montpellier, in the South of France. Our train from Lyon arrived at the main train station in Montpellier. We had actually passed our hotel on the train into the City, but it seemed a bit too far to walk… Read more »