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Layover in the Finnair Schengen Lounge in Helsinki and Finnair Business HEL-CPH

My flight from JFK landed in HEL’s non-Schengen area at around 9am.  HEL is an exceedingly easy airport to connect in, though.  Unlike in many other airports, upon landing, you aren’t routed to immigration or customs or anything upon landing, but just exit into the terminal.  There are two Finnair… Read more »

Trip Report: Tallinn! The Ferry from Helsinki, the Radisson Blu Tallinn, and Exploring the City

When my boyfriend suggested we go to Finland, I knew I also wanted to squeeze in a stop in Estonia as well, as I had heard great things.  My boyfriend hadn’t heard these things, so thought it was just weird.   But there were better flight connections using Skymiles out of… Read more »

Hotel Review: The Radisson Blu Plaza Helsinki

For our three nights in Helsinki, we stayed at the Radisson Blu Plaza Helsinki, a property I highly recommend.  Originally, I considered splitting our stay between the Radisson and the fancy-shmancy Hotel Kamp, a Starwood property, but I’m glad I didn’t. The hotel is a grand older building connected to… Read more »

Trip Report: Turku, Finland, and the Radisson Blu Marina Palace Review

Given the amount of time we had in Finland, we decided we wanted to spend some time in the country outside of Helsinki.  I generally enjoy exploring small to medium-sized cities, so narrowed it down to two options – Tampere and Turku.  Tampere is a little larger, and is a… Read more »

The Anatomy of a Summer Vacation: Austria and Finland, Skymiles Burning, and a Lot of Radissons

As I mentioned yesterday, I am getting ready for my big summer vacation to Europe in a week and a half.   I figured I’d give a bit of a preview, explaining how I came up with the routing/itinerary, and asking for any tips readers may have. There are two… Read more »