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Trip Report: Three Days in Chiang Mai

This is the eleventh in a series of posts documenting my January 2019 trip around the world, which took me to Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Chiang Mai, and Hong Kong.  You can read my last post, which covered the Holiday Inn Chiang Mai, here. I had almost three days in… Read more »

Travel and Travel Blogging Are Political; Oman and Charlottesville

We interrupt this series of trip reports for another kind of post… I recently got into a dispute with a travel blogger who I don’t know why I even follow how unsophisticated and uninformative her writing is.  What spurred it was her tweeting about how Oman is on her “bucket… Read more »

Thoughts on Abu Dhabi, Part 2: Ethical Travel, LGBT Rights in the UAE, and Why One Blogger Should Be Ashamed of Himself

I have spent most of my professional life thinking about issues of injustice and inequality. When I travel, I try not to let these concerns dominate my thinking. I remember a speaker I heard in college, some noted activist whose name I can’t recall, who made the point that people… Read more »

The Most Morally Bankrupt Miles Blog Post Ever? Begging for First Class

Things have been crazy with a new job and a new schedule.  Hope to finish trip reports soon.  But today, another blogger posted something that may be the most morally bankrupt post ever, and it compelled me to take a break and stay up later than I should. Some background… Read more »

Trip Report: Heading home on Aeroflot’s New Business Class, TLL-SVO-JFK: a Decent Airline and a Terrible Government

Finally, the last post from our June trip.  Whoops. Our trip home had us flying from Tallinn to Moscow, and Moscow to JFK on Aeroflot. As a Skymiles business class redemption, it was pretty much the only option out of Tallinn.  Though Estonian Air codeshares with both KLM and Air… Read more »

Why There Are Some Places I’ll Never Go: Human Rights, Social Responsibility and Travel

A break from my never-ending Asia Trip Report series for something a bit more serious…. This morning, two different bloggers posted about traveling to places with atrocious human rights abuses, so that they can stay in fancy hotels and take pictures for their blogs.  Lucky acknowledged that the United Arab… Read more »