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Costa del Sol Part 2: Exploring Malaga and Torremolinos and the Hotel Ritual Torremolinos

In my last post, I covered how I got to and from the Costa del Sol.  Here, I’ll cover what I actually did there.  I actually had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know anyone personally who had been to Torremolinos, and I had heard some horror stories that… Read more »

Costa del Sol Part 1:  Delta One New York to Malaga and back (JFK-AGP-JFK)

Delta Flt. 270  New York-Kennedy to Malaga (JFK-AGP) Boeing 757, Business Class Sched. Dep. 5:14PM       Sched. Arr. 6:45AM Act. Dep. 7:03PM            Act. Arr. 7:54AM Delta Flt. 271  Malaga to New York-Kennedy (AGP-JFK) Boeing 757, Business Class Sched. Dep. 8:15AM       Sched. Arr. 10:50AM Act. Dep. 8:09AM            Act. Arr. 10:07AM Last year,… Read more »