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Checking in and Anatomy of a Trip/Rio Preview

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Hello! It’s me, Adam. I am woefully behind on trip reports, but, in case you missed it, it turns out Washington is a dumpster fire and my day job entails attempts to put out small pieces of that fire. I also had the Jewish holidays and a work trip out… Read more »

Polaris-ish? Underwhelmed on United Polaris Business Sao Paulo to Washington (GRU-IAD)

United Airlines Flt. 860 Sao Paulo-Guarulhos to Washington-Dulles This is the concluding post of my series exploring my March 2017 trip to South Africa and Namibia, which started here.  (Low-quality pictures in this post due to equipment issues, apologies.) In June 2016, United made a huge deal out of announcing its… Read more »

Stelllaaaaaaa – Or getting stuck in Sao Paulo and the Sao Paulo Airport Marriott

This is part 19 of my series exploring my March 2017 trip to South Africa and Namibia, which started here. It may seem like this trip report series is taking forever, but (a) it was a long trip and (b) other things have been going on which I will blog about… Read more »

Trip Report: South African Airways New A333 Business Class Johannesburg to Sao Paulo, Sans Camera

This is part 18 of my series exploring my March 2017 trip to South Africa and Namibia, which started here. South African Airways Flt. 222 Johannesburg to Sao Paulo – Guarulhos Sched. Dep. 11:15am              Sched. Arr. 4:00pm Actual Dep. 11:07am                Actual Arr. 3:30pm A330-300, Business Class My trip back home was… Read more »

2016 Index and Year in Review

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I won’t belabor the point, but 2016 was pretty terrible.  My travels were pretty good,though.  I still owe you all a few posts from my November New Zealand adventure, but as we say goodbye to the dumpster-fire of 2016, here’s a look back at my year in travel.  For previous… Read more »

Rio Mini-Trip Report Part 2, the Sheraton Grande Rio, Sunshine, and AA GIG-MIA-DCA

For my third night in Rio, I switched hotels because my friend was staying at the Sheraton Grande Rio his second night. Prices were a little less than the Caesar Park, so I decided why not. The property is in Leblon, about 10 minutes from Ipanema – a bit west… Read more »

Rio Mini-Trip Report 1: AA Main Cabin Extra DCA-JFK-GIG, a Second Try at the Caesar Park Hotel, & Rain in Rio…Again

I’d already been to Brazil twice since November, with Rio and Iguazu in one trip, and Bahia, Sao Paulo, and Brasilia in another.  But American had a really cheap, sub-$500 fare from DCA to Rio, and a friend was going down for a weekend.  I hadn’t done the Rio nightlife… Read more »

Orientation to Brasilia and the confusing Melia Brasil 21

As a means of orientation, before I get into specifics, some background on Brasilia. Brasilia was founded in 1960 to serve as the new federal capital of Brazil. It was one of the main projects of late-50s president Juscelino Kubitschek, who was a strong supporter of a new centrally-located capital… Read more »

A Brief Sao Paulo Stay and the Intercontinental Sao Paulo

Due to a series of events, my short time in Sao Paulo provided even less time to experience the city than I had planned – I didn’t explore the nightlife, restaurants, or museums at all really, and only saw a few of the main sights. Part of it was how… Read more »