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19 Hours in Milan: Alitalia CTA-LIN, the Hilton Milan, and exploring the city

This post is in two parts- (1) Catania Airport and my flight on Alitalia from Catania to Milan, and (2) my stay at the Hilton Milan and brief exploration of Milan Catania Airport and Alitalia Catania to Milan After two days in Sicily, it was time to make our way… Read more »

Flying Alitalia Business Class from Tel Aviv to Rome to London-Heathrow

Our return routing from Israel to Washington was a complicated one.  Originally, I was booked on the reverse of our inbound trip, Tel Aviv to Paris, Paris to Dulles, on Air France business class.  There was no availability on any of the morning flights out of Tel Aviv, so I… Read more »

Trip Report: Madrid Part V: Flying with Shirley Maclaine and hundreds of Orthodox Jews on Alitalia FCO-JFK

The wallet situation was not the only unusual experience of my Madrid weekend. No, I had perhaps the strangest flight I’ve ever had on my return. I don’t quite remember why I decided on a 6am departure out of Madrid.  I’m sure it was cheaper than other options, but it… Read more »

Trip Report: Madrid Part II, A new airline: Air Europa FCO-MAD

Air Europa 1040, Boeing 737, Economy Sched. Dep. 10:30am, Actual Dep. 10:30am Sched. Arr. 1:10pm, Actual Arr. 12:57pm I was actually a little excited to fly Air Europa for the shorthaul from Rome to Madrid.  Not because I’d heard anything good about it, mind you, but just because it’s an… Read more »

Trip Report: Weekend in Madrid Part 1: Alitalia JFK-FCO, a Missed Connection, and Why Chris Elliott is Wrong

Trip Report: Weekend in Madrid Part 1:  JFK-FCO and a Missed Connection Alitalia Flt. 609, Boeing 777, Economy Sched. Dep. 5:35pm, Actual Dep. 7:05pm Sched. Arr. 8:10am, Actual Arr. 9:10am In the fall, Alitalia had a promo on its Japanese website that effectively took $250 off the price of any… Read more »

Trip Report: Flying Home: Alitalia Magnifica – Tel Aviv to Rome to JFK

Getting out of Israel is a schlep. As I’d noted in an earlier flight, my departing flight from Tel Aviv to Rome left at the ungodly hour of 5:15 am.  This is actually quite common for European flights, and there’s a huge bank of flights to Europe leaving between 4:30… Read more »

Trip Report: Alitalia Business Rome to Tel Aviv

Alitalia Flt. 812, Ottima Business Class (Skymiles redemption) Airbus 321 I left the Intercontinental with plenty of time to make my 11:35 flight out of Fiumcino to Rome.  I was a bit nervous about taking the subway with my luggage, but it was not a big deal at all.  On… Read more »

Trip Report: Newark to Rome in Alitalia Magnifica Class

Alitalia Flt. 643  Newark (EWR) to Rome (FCO) Airbus 330, Magnifica Class, Skymiles Award Redemption Sched. Dep. 4:50 pm  Actual Dep.  4:35 pm Sched. Arr.  7:10 am   Actual Arr.   6:50 am My vacation started out under a bit of stress.  The plan was to take the express bus from Bryant… Read more »

My Upcoming Mediterranean Adventure: Italy and Tel Aviv Pride

Happy Memorial Day from YWW!  I’ll actually be spending the day in the office, but got some beach and family time in earlier in the weekend.  As we kick off the summer travel season, let’s all remember the day as one to commemorate those who have fought in battles –… Read more »