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Trip Report: Urubamba and the Tambo del Inka

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Wow. Just wow. As I noted in my previous post, the drive to Urubamba from Cusco was simply breathtaking, as we drove through the hills and towns of the Sacred Valley.  The roads were well-paved and it was an idyllic way to start 20 hours or so of pure relaxation.  … Read more »

Trip Report: Lima to Cusco on Star Peru and the Drive to Urubamba

StarPeru Flt. 1181,  LIM –> CUZ,  BAe  146-200A,  Dep. 10:10 AM; Arr. 11:30 AM After a 30 minute drive from the Sheraton and an uneventful check-in at the Lima Airport, I made a quick stop at the VIP Lounge using my Priority Pass membership to use the internet and charge… Read more »

Seen from the Road: Cusco Airport, November 4, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011: We are sitting in the Lima airport waiting to board our flight to Cusco. There is a Peruvian girl of about 8 years old waiting at the gate as well.   All of a sudden we hear “Place the sterile drape around the knee.”   Turns… Read more »

Trip Report: Quick Night in Lima: Sheraton Lima

One of the downsides of being in row 34 of an international flight is that you are one of the last to get to immigration.  Particularly annoying at 11pm after a delayed 6.5 hour flight.   But given the fact we arrived around the same time as a Delta flight from… Read more »

Trip Report: New York to Lima via Houston

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Greetings from Peru! I’ll slowly be posting trip reports over the next few days . . .  We’ll start with my flights down to Lima. Continental Flt. 1257 LGA to IAH, Boeing 737-700, Dep. 10:30 AM; Sched. Arr. 1:27 PM; Actual Arr. 1:44 PM United Flt. 854 IAH to LIM,… Read more »

Foreign LCCs and My First Chargeback

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This week, I’ll be heading to Peru with some friends, taking advantage of a great $450 all-inclusive fare from New York to Lima.  While down there, we’ll be heading to Machu Picchu, which requires flying from Lima to Cusco. Four airlines serve this route:  TACA, LAN, Star Peru, and Peruvian.  … Read more »

Asking the Peanut Gallery: To Upgrade, or Not to Upgrade

This post marks the first in what I hope to be a semi regular feature on YWW: Asking the Peanut Gallery. In these posts, instead of sharing tips, I’ll ask you for your feedback. Today’s question involves my upcoming trip to Peru.  Two friends and I are heading down on… Read more »

My $1283 hotel room for $75: When Credit Card Bonuses are Worth It

One of the main ways to earn miles and points cheaply is through credit card sign-up bonuses. For me, this is a method I’m not 100% comfortable with. I do not generally “churn” – a practice by which people engage in a pattern of signing up for cards and cancelling… Read more »