Continental Airlines: Wasting My Time and a Waste of a Status Match

I’ll be just short of hitting Silver Status in Continental’s OnePass program before my trip to Peru this week. At the great NYC GAYLA a few weeks ago, someone recommended I go for Continental’s  status match challenge.       So I followed the directions on their page, and sent an email… Read more »

$400 flights to Ireland

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Some great deals on flights from the US (confirmed ex-NYC, ORD and BOS) to either Dublin or Shannon for about $400 on United/Continental/Air Canada/Lufthansa, with sporadic availability in November/early December, January to March. To maximize mileage, fly through Frankfurt- possible to get an overnight in Frankfurt, London.  Doesn’t look like… Read more »

Foreign LCCs and My First Chargeback

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This week, I’ll be heading to Peru with some friends, taking advantage of a great $450 all-inclusive fare from New York to Lima.  While down there, we’ll be heading to Machu Picchu, which requires flying from Lima to Cusco. Four airlines serve this route:  TACA, LAN, Star Peru, and Peruvian.  … Read more »

1,000 Free Delta Skymiles (aka Skypesos) (May be targeted)

I received a letter (a real live one in an envelope!) today, offering me 1,000 Bonus Miles if I signed up to receive Delta e-mails by December 31, 2011. I receive some Delta emails, but not others, but that didn’t seem to matter.  The terms and conditions suggest the offer… Read more »

5,000 Free Club Carlson Gold Points until Midnight

HT to Loyalty Traveler: Like the Radisson Admiral and send an email by midnight, get 5,000 Club Carlson points. Seems a legit offer, as the hotel posted the following on its page: Hey Travelers! We are offering 5,000 CLUB CARLSON GOLD POINTS to those who “Like” the Radisson Admiral Hotel… Read more »

Another Schedule Change, Another Better Flight Option

I’ve posted twice before on the importance of checking itineraries frequently, particularly on Delta, to watch for schedule changes.  Not only is it always good to know if your flight times have changed, but it can also provide you an opportunity to get on a flight at a better time… Read more »

Stupid Articles: What Delta’s Economy Comfort Rollout Really Means

Last week, Delta announced that it would be adding its “Economy Comfort” section to most of its domestic planes.  Delta’s “Economy Comfort” plans began this summer, with a rollout on long-haul international flights.  On those flights, customers could pay an additional $80 to $160 to sit in the first few… Read more »

Stupid Articles: A Lazy Traveler Likes to Use a Travel Agent and Claims it “Saves Money”

Another new feature: “Stupid Articles”.  In this feature, I will discuss stupid news/website articles about travel, and point out how stupid they are. First up, this article from the Christian Science Monitor, purportedly in its “Saving Money” section, by Stacy Johnson,  called “Four reasons I quit booking flights online:  Kayak… Read more »

Organizing Your Travel, and Why Airlines Shouldn’t Be Concerned About It

This week, it was reported that Southwest and American Airlines sent cease and desist letters to a number of websites that allow travelers to track their participation in loyalty programs- usually by showing any activity on points and upcoming expiration dates.  I generally don’t find these websites super helpful, but… Read more »