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Summer SkyPesos Success: To Italy and Israel

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I try to take two longer vacations a year, and then several shorter ones, making the most of my four weeks of paid vacation.  I realized I hadn’t planned anything for summer 2012 yet, and if I was going to want to use miles and have flexibility, I needed to… Read more »

Articles of the Week: Stupid and Not-Stupid

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I know you’ve missed it, but today is the return of my “Stupid Article of the Week” feature, and I’m throwing a helpful article as well. We’ll start with the positive.  The New York Times Travel Section has a cute article today by political correspondent Ashley Parker on travel tips… Read more »

A morning of South America planning: of BA Miles and BRGs

I’m supposed to be spending this weekend finishing a book chapter on a not particularly exciting topic in my other law life.  While doing so yesterday morning, I decided that I rather work on my upcoming trip to South America using British Airways miles I’d gotten through credit card signup…. Read more »

Another Schedule Change, Another Better Flight Option

I’ve posted twice before on the importance of checking itineraries frequently, particularly on Delta, to watch for schedule changes.  Not only is it always good to know if your flight times have changed, but it can also provide you an opportunity to get on a flight at a better time… Read more »

Stupid Articles: A Lazy Traveler Likes to Use a Travel Agent and Claims it “Saves Money”

Another new feature: “Stupid Articles”.  In this feature, I will discuss stupid news/website articles about travel, and point out how stupid they are. First up, this article from the Christian Science Monitor, purportedly in its “Saving Money” section, by Stacy Johnson,  called “Four reasons I quit booking flights online:  Kayak… Read more »

Organizing Your Travel, and Why Airlines Shouldn’t Be Concerned About It

This week, it was reported that Southwest and American Airlines sent cease and desist letters to a number of websites that allow travelers to track their participation in loyalty programs- usually by showing any activity on points and upcoming expiration dates.  I generally don’t find these websites super helpful, but… Read more »

YWW Tips: Handling Connecting Flights and Missed Connections

My delayed flight from IAH to EWR screwed up a lot of people’s travel plans.  But there are things you can do to minimize the drama when a delay causes you to miss a connection! 1) Pay attention at booking I’m often amazed that people don’t look at connection times… Read more »