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Another Schedule Change, Another Better Flight Option

I’ve posted twice before on the importance of checking itineraries frequently, particularly on Delta, to watch for schedule changes.  Not only is it always good to know if your flight times have changed, but it can also provide you an opportunity to get on a flight at a better time… Read more »

Stupid Articles: What Delta’s Economy Comfort Rollout Really Means

Last week, Delta announced that it would be adding its “Economy Comfort” section to most of its domestic planes.  Delta’s “Economy Comfort” plans began this summer, with a rollout on long-haul international flights.  On those flights, customers could pay an additional $80 to $160 to sit in the first few… Read more »

Stupid Articles: A Lazy Traveler Likes to Use a Travel Agent and Claims it “Saves Money”

Another new feature: “Stupid Articles”.  In this feature, I will discuss stupid news/website articles about travel, and point out how stupid they are. First up, this article from the Christian Science Monitor, purportedly in its “Saving Money” section, by Stacy Johnson,  called “Four reasons I quit booking flights online:  Kayak… Read more »

Delta/US Airways LGA/DCA Slot Swap and What it Means for Travelers

Since 2009, Delta and US Airways have been trying to gain approval for a “slot swap”, in which Delta would give up “slots” in Washington’s Reagan National Airport (DCA) in exchange for US Airways slots at LaGuardia (along with some other stuff).  This swap moved a step closer to reality… Read more »

Asking the Peanut Gallery: To Upgrade, or Not to Upgrade

This post marks the first in what I hope to be a semi regular feature on YWW: Asking the Peanut Gallery. In these posts, instead of sharing tips, I’ll ask you for your feedback. Today’s question involves my upcoming trip to Peru.  Two friends and I are heading down on… Read more »

YWW Tips: Handling Connecting Flights and Missed Connections

My delayed flight from IAH to EWR screwed up a lot of people’s travel plans.  But there are things you can do to minimize the drama when a delay causes you to miss a connection! 1) Pay attention at booking I’m often amazed that people don’t look at connection times… Read more »

Shockingly, a *positive* change to British Airways Executive Club??

Busy week at my day (and night) job, but my report on the return leg from Houston is forthcoming.  I did want to share one piece of news I saw in my email that I haven’t seen covered in any of my standard travel blog reading. British Airways is making… Read more »

Trip Report: Phoenix to Houston

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Continental 1648;  Dep. PHX: 10:11 a.m, Arr. IAH: 2:43 p.m.; Coach, 1,009 miles After a nice 24 hours in Phoenix, and a great free breakfast at the hotel, it was back to Sky Harbor International. Despite a very sloooooow security line (Yes, the announcements to remove everything from your pockets… Read more »