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Trip Report: Exploring Vienna and Vienna Pride: Regenbogenparade!

Exploring Vienna (Yes, there’s more to travel than hotels, airplanes, and airplane lounges; and unlike some other bloggers,  I’ll share LGBT attractions of  interest I’ve seen from the road.) It was a gorgeous day in Vienna when we arrived, and we figured we’d wander and explore the neighborhood around our… Read more »

Why There Are Some Places I’ll Never Go: Human Rights, Social Responsibility and Travel

A break from my never-ending Asia Trip Report series for something a bit more serious…. This morning, two different bloggers posted about traveling to places with atrocious human rights abuses, so that they can stay in fancy hotels and take pictures for their blogs.  Lucky acknowledged that the United Arab… Read more »

Anti-Gay Slurs at the New United?

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Argue about lounge access, get called a faggot.  See the story here. Two points: 1)  The language used is clearly unacceptable, and should not be tolerated.   Even if the agentonly called the customers “idiots”, he should be fired. 2) The couple was completely wrong on the merits of their discussion. … Read more »

24 Hours in Phoenix . . . Ok, actually 25.

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I headed straight from the airport to Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter residence, studio, and school.  The drive up to Scottsdale was a good orientation to the sprawl of the Phoenix metro area, and then to Scottsdale itself–  which struck me as a slightly less Jewish and hillier version… Read more »

Social Media, LGBT Equality, and the Fishy Passenger Complaint

People love whining about airlines.  Particularly on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.  In the past year,  Delta has been accused of being anti-semitic and anti-military .    Schedule changes, charging for food and baggage, and weather delays are often the targets of the masses complaints.    One blogger, Chris Elliott, has a feature… Read more »