Changing Up the Blog: Less posts and more enjoying vacation

Posted by Adam YWW on September 15, 2018 in About YWW

You may have noticed that in my series of posts about my summer Iceland trip, I skipped over my time exploring the South Coast and the Golden Circle.  Part of the reason is due to a busy summer at work, it took me awhile to get to editing my photos and drafting blog posts, and thus it’s now more than two months later, making it harder to recall.  Second, although my inclusion of discussion of what traveling a destination is like (as opposed to simply reviewing premium cabins on airlines and luxury hotels, selling credit cards, giving tips based on “mistakes” made by idiots while traveling, or making generic inane “tips” like “Pack a snack while traveling with children!”) makes my blog a little bit unique, my approximately five readers and blog revenue of ~-$100 a year don’t justify the stress incurred when taking copious notes while traveling for the sole purpose of a blog post.  On my recent trip through Scotland, I tried not doing that, and I was able to actually enjoy my vacation a lot more by just experiencing where I was.

Maybe I’ll change my mind again in the future, but I’m only going to have a few posts about flights and hotels from my recent England and Scotland trip. (Taking notes on an airplane or in a hotel room really isn’t hard.)  If you have questions about the South Coast or Golden Circle of Iceland, or Manchester or Scotland, as always, feel free to shoot me a note youwentwhereblog at gmail dot com, or in the comments.

Also, I have two big upcoming trips where tips and suggestions would be welcome:

Round-the-world to Africa and Asia: Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Chiang Mai, Hong Kong

  •  South African Business Class New York to Victoria Falls
  • Kenya Airways (Economy) Victoria Falls to Cape Town
  • Cathay Pacific Business Class Cape Town to Hong Kong
  • Cathay Dragon Business/Economy Hong Kong to Chiang Mai and back
  • Cathay Pacific First Class Hong Kong to Chicago

Slovenia and Venice

  • SAS Business Class Washington to Copenhagen
  • Adria Airways Copenhagen to Ljubljana
  • Iberia Business Class Venice to Madrid to New York

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5 comments for “Changing Up the Blog: Less posts and more enjoying vacation”

  1. Glen a. sea says:

    First, I enjoy your posts in every way. Your superb writing style and insights are great.

    You need to do what’s best for you. Travel is to be enjoyable for you and your readers are secondary beneficiaries. I’m not able to travel as much as I used to so I’m a “vicarious companion” on the posted trips.

    If you need to restructure the way or the extend of what you present, do it. It’s supposed to be about your enjoyment and insights.

    FWIW: Some years ago I posted a lengthy trip report and had lots of viewers but not one response. What I got was the simple joy of having a trip which I was willing to share with others. May it be so with you.

    1. Adam YWW says:

      Thanks! It may be temporary, or a difference in degree. I just don’t want to have “worrying about blogging” be an extra stress both when traveling, and when back!

  2. Richard says:

    For Cape Town: If you are going to go up the mountain by cable car then get up early in the morning and go before 9am. Otherwise walking up the lions head gives a similarly great view. If you are going to the beach to relax go to Clifton 1 or 2. Also thoroughly recommend the Nelson’s Eye for food – brilliant place for meat eating and due to the weakness of the rand not expensive.

    1. Adam YWW says:

      Thanks! This is a return to Cape Town, and I’ll only be there 2 days. Did Table Mountain (on foot!) last time, likely Lion’s Head this time followed by beach, likely staying in Sea Point!

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