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Welcome to You Went Where? A blog devoted to my largely random adventures in the pursuit of enjoying the world in a high-end way on a backpacker’s (or a civil rights lawyer’s) budget.  In this blog, I’ll aim to do three things:

(1) Document my travels and travel-related exploits:  This blog got its name from a common refrain heard on Monday mornings in my office: “You went WHERE?”  Over the past two years, I’ve developed a growing specialty in long weekend trips to strange places at bargain or less prices.  In the past year, I’ve spent weekends in Portland, Oregon; Stockholm, Sweden; Miami, Florida; and Toronto, Ontario.  Coming up  in the next six months are Phoenix; another Miami trip, Lima and Macchu Picchu, Peru; and Warsaw and Amsterdam.  On top of that, I’ve taken longer trips for cheap or using miles –  Istanbul, Budapest, and Prague;  Barcelona and Prague; and Greece — with 11 days in Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina coming up.

(2) Share my thoughts about goings on in the travel industry:  There are a lot of bloggers out there who talk about travel.  A lot of them have great things to say, and a great knowledge of route networks, the economics of alliances, etc.  I don’t. But I’m a pretty smart guy, and I’ll try to use my own intuitive skills and knowledge to say smart things in general.  But there are a few areas in which  I am uniquely qualified that I feel could use an added voice: namely the law and ethics of frequent flying and mileage chasing, and LGBT issues.

(3) Share travel and mile deals:   There are some phenomenal sources already out there, Flyertalk, and some great bloggers who I’ll be linking to on the side.  I won’t be exhaustively cataloging them, but will share some that I find interesting or are particularly user-friendly.

Over the next few days I’ll start adding new posts including:
– Who is YWW?
– My first Chargeback – Peruvian Airlines
– Pennywise and Pound-Foolish: Why I no longer use Priceline and Hotwire

I’ll also try and get the hang of this WordPress thing.  But for now, check out my scrolling photos up top!  They’re all shots I’ve taken myself.

Til then, welcome!

YWW (aka Adam)

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